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#RelationshipGoals Guide

It used to be free and a little slim. Now it's not, But damn, if you have seen the free version, you will DEF want this updated workbook. 


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...But I Don't See Color! Sex Ed With 2020 Technicolor Vision

Sex education is a social justice issue sex educators are (obviously) uniquely equipped to advocate and fight for. Yet, along the way we have separated social justice in sex ed from ourselves, our work, and our way forward. What we need is a little vision as we shift into a new decade. We need 4k vibrant colors, not black and white tvs with various shades of gray. This session will discuss awareness and integration of cultural and racial differences with an emphasis on Black female sexuality for sex education that is innovative, intersectional, and shines in all is color glory to bring equity and social justice back into sex education.


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10 Tips to Better Self-Esteem Workbook

10 tips to better self esteem is what you will find in this workbook. Be sure to DO the tips outlines and not just think about em. It doens't happen through osmosis but through actual work. 


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30 Day Masturbation Guide


Turns out getting personal with masturbation is actually the perfect way to heal from some ish. 




Look, you already know what masturbation is.


But do you REALLY know the tea on its benefits or why you should get to know your body? 


And let’s not forget the power of consent from you - yes you. 


Consent between the sheets isn’t just for a partner. 


The secret to powerful masturbation is the willingness to dive deeper into your own pleasure.

You’ve got to do some inner work to release something powerful. 


For years, masturbation has been such a taboo topic…

But fortunately, the 30 Day Masturbation Guide exists to let your imagination run wild. 


This guide is the ultimate way to use practical techniques and tools to connect or reconnect with your body. 


You’ll also move with intention, with the help of insightful journal prompts. 


Everyday, you’ll be prompted to do some DEEP, but necessary inner work for the sake of elevating your pleasure. 


Throughout your experience, you’ll reflect on: 


  • What has stopped you from experiencing full bodied pleasure

  • What types of pleasure your body responds to the best

  • Masturbation as a mindfulness practice and MORE! 


Excited yet?!?

I’m confident you will be soon, when you open up the 30 Day Masturbation Guide. 



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7 Day Feelings Check-in Workbook

Use this 7 day feelings check in workbook to get to the meat of how your feeling and what (if anything) you wanna do about it!


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CBHG Feelings Chart- Cussword Free

Here by request, a cussword free version of The Cocoa Butter & Hair Grease Feelings Chart! This is downloadable and printable! Look at that! Don't worry, you version will be a much higher quality, without the "preview" text all over it. :)


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Cocoa Butter & Hair Grease: A Self Love Journey Through Hair and Skin (interactive pdf)

Your digital, non-print copy of Cocoa Butter and Hair Grease--fillable PDF

LOVE YOURSELF MORE DEEPLY from the hair on top of your head to the color that coats your skin!

In this interactive digital workbook you will find:

  • inspiring quotes,

  • activities

  • coloring pages,

  • challenges

  • 3 months of weekly writing prompts

All of this, to help you confront, heal, and let go of some of the hurtful messages that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Use it on your computer, or use it on your tablet with a pencil! There are multiple ways to use your digital copy. Printing is out, though. If you want a print copy get yours from 

Ready to write your story?


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Colorism, Sexuality, & Mental Health with Ericka Hart!

If you ain't know Ericka Hart and I had a whole conversation about colorism, sexuality, and mental health. When I say we laid it down, I mean we LAID IT DOWN!!! Purchase this converation for $5 and you will not only have access to the 1 hour and 30 minute conversation, but you will also be able to leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section for further viewing :)


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Free, Fab, F*cked Ultimate Bundle!

This bundle will ALWAYS be available, but will only be free to the Free, Fab, Fucked, Faily until Tuesday September 13th at 7pm. After that, the price, is the price. 

This buncle inclues:

1. 30 Day Masturbation Workbook

2. 10 Tip to Better Self-Esteem Workbook

3. 7 Day Feelings Check-in Workbook


psst. the Pu$$y Fairy Workshop also comes with this, but the link to register is not kept here. Check back on the page you came from :)


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Goal Digging When Vision Boards Are Not Enough: A Pre-recorded Masterclass

Did your 2021 give what it was supposed give? Probably not. but hey, that’s okay. COVID took our asses for a loop in 2020 and then decided instead of getting gone, it was gonna get grown in 2021! Whew!

BUT if you are feeling ready to get more done but do it with your health and wellbeing in mind, you’re gonna want this one!

This 90 minute pre-recorded Goal Planning Master Class is especially for your inner Goal Digger!



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Goal Digging: When Vision Boards Are Not Enough Printable Workbook!

Ready to make goals that stick? Goals that feel in alignment to where you are in your life, that boost your self-care, and help make your dreams turn to a reality? Then this is the workbook for you. This workbook is meant to help you think and feel through your dreams, wants, and needs. It is designed to get you motivated (and maybe scare you a bit) about seeing your BIG goals on the page!


Not only is this workbook printable, it is also FILLABLE! So you won't have to use up that extra ink if that's not something you're wanting to do!


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Keynote: White Unless Otherwise Specified

You can now watch (and re-watch) my keynote from the National Sex Ed Conference! I don't know the process,  but I will look into seeing if you can get that 1 CEU, if you're interested!


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Original CBHG Feelings Chart!

Am I in my feelings? With this feelings chart, you can help kids and adults alike understand and regulate their emotions and feelings. Featured on this feelings chart is the illustration of Black folk all in their feels. 

This is the downloadable and printable version made especially for you!


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Sex Talk Clinician Edition Workbook

Here it is! The Sex Talk Clinician Edition workbook. This workbook is officially available! I am super excited! 😁 

This 41 page fillable and printable workbook has all you need to get started having The Talk with you clients! You ready?


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Snatching Edges: Why Black Hair Matters in Sex Ed! (Webinar)

This 90 minute webinar talks all about sex, hair, and Black women! This is your chance to see the work live-ish from your livingroom!

While to whole point is to be able to explore why black Hair matter (period) you will also learn a few other things!

What You'll Learn?

  • (more than) 3 ways Black Women's Sexuality is impacted by hair texture (and skin tone)
  • Take a quick look at you and how you may have been impacted, and why you may not have wanted to do that self reflection
  • If you teach others, sex educators, therapists, or if you have some little ones or other folk you tryna talk to, you will be able to Identify 1 way to incorporate lessons of intersectionality and texturism into your work!


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