Sex Talk: Parent Edition SKU: 167411

Let's learn WHEN, WHAT, and HOW to have "The Talk" with the kids in your life!

this was $97! But in light of us all needing a break with the high gas prices and wanting some good news because COVID. It's on sale for 50 bukcs off!!!


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Having the sex talk with your kids can be hard! What are you supposed to say? When are you supposed to say it?? How do you even approach that conversation!?!?!?!? YIKES!

Don't worry, I've got your back. In this 1.5 hour (pre-recorded) webinar, not only do you get access to over an hour of inforamtion to help you navigate THE TALK, you also get access to a 30 page workbook to help you along. 

Go ahead! Make the purchase and let's have this conversation together. When it's all over, if you still feel like more guidance is necessary, there is a Facebook group to help you through. Let's get started!