Goal Digging: When Vision Boards Are Not Enough! SKU: 183271

Oh! So you're ready? Ready to change your life? Ready to invest TIME and MONEY in yourself? Great! Let's Go! Let's turn your DREAMS into a REALITY


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Do you get stuck with goal planning? Feel lost? Have waaaaaaaaayyyy too many great  ideas floating around and aren't sure where to start?

Then this Goal Digging &Planning Webinar is FOR YOU! 

Goal Digging with purpose is here again! In this 1 hour webinar will you will receive the ultimate 6 STEPS in goal planning to help you get clear on your vision and BOSS up on that execution. Ultimatelty we work to make those dreams into your reality. A 25 page goal planning workbook is included to get you started and working!

This is how we start with changing our lives and living exactly as we want, with freedom and purpose fulfilled. Let's go!