Snatching Edges: Why Black Hair Matters in Sex Ed! (Webinar) SKU: 198684

This 90 minute webinar talks all about sex, hair, and Black women! This is your chance to see the work live-ish from your livingroom!

While to whole point is to be able to explore why black Hair matter (period) you will also learn a few other things!

What You'll Learn?

  • (more than) 3 ways Black Women's Sexuality is impacted by hair texture (and skin tone)
  • Take a quick look at you and how you may have been impacted, and why you may not have wanted to do that self reflection
  • If you teach others, sex educators, therapists, or if you have some little ones or other folk you tryna talk to, you will be able to Identify 1 way to incorporate lessons of intersectionality and texturism into your work!


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