30 Day Masturbation Guide SKU: 222565


Turns out getting personal with masturbation is actually the perfect way to heal from some ish. 




Look, you already know what masturbation is.


But do you REALLY know the tea on its benefits or why you should get to know your body? 


And let’s not forget the power of consent from you - yes you. 


Consent between the sheets isn’t just for a partner. 


The secret to powerful masturbation is the willingness to dive deeper into your own pleasure.

You’ve got to do some inner work to release something powerful. 


For years, masturbation has been such a taboo topic…

But fortunately, the 30 Day Masturbation Guide exists to let your imagination run wild. 


This guide is the ultimate way to use practical techniques and tools to connect or reconnect with your body. 


You’ll also move with intention, with the help of insightful journal prompts. 


Everyday, you’ll be prompted to do some DEEP, but necessary inner work for the sake of elevating your pleasure. 


Throughout your experience, you’ll reflect on: 


  • What has stopped you from experiencing full bodied pleasure

  • What types of pleasure your body responds to the best

  • Masturbation as a mindfulness practice and MORE! 


Excited yet?!?

I’m confident you will be soon, when you open up the 30 Day Masturbation Guide. 



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